Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Feliz Navidad

Dec 29, 2014

Hey sorry dont have much time but this is what happened this week!
A. well this week we almost did the impossible and it was awesome we set a goal last week to find new investigators and we found 2 very solid investigators and 5 potenials that will be very good for the missionaries here in the next couple transfers! But that is not all we had a tons of miracles! and fantastic christmases it was awesome! so were going to start with miracle number 1 and her name is Florencia! we found her the other day and she said she had just come here from mexico and wanted to learn about our church! So we taught her the restoration! and she asked us if we could come back and read in the bible tomorrow (saturday) so we did and we read the birth of jesus christ and it was awesome and she said the last prayer and it was AWESOME ok beyond AWESOME maybe beyond infinite it was pretty great!
Number 2! we have been working with the Bishop in finding all the less active to see if they still live there and guess what we have found 2 awesome familys we are going to start teaching they said not to come back until after 2014 so we will be going back this weekend! hehehe I love miracles!!!
Number 3! Number 3 happened on a more awesome level, it isnt about Oxnard but it is about me. I have called it the Miracle of the challengling and testifying Elder Mackay. We found this awesome person (he is a friend of a member) and he taught him about the book of mormon and I thought I would try something different. That is to challenge him. So I asked him to read the book and pray. Normal. But then I asked him if it is true if he would get baptized, not a normal for me (yet). and he said YES!! But he said he will need time to read and doesn't want to set an apointment up until he is ready because he knows it will change his life.
C. Elder hernadez is awesome I have learn a ton from him, mostly this week is love for other people that he shares with them.
T. This week I read the challenging and testifying missionary, and applied it. And it seems to have worked pretty well.
S. WE MADE TAMELAS finally!!! and the results were tasty from one family we helped, the other family we haved seen yet...
remember I love you and care for you!!
-Elder Joshua Mackay

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