Monday, December 22, 2014

Another week in the Sun, oh and Merry Christmas!

December 15, 2014

Hello there greetings from the shores of cali! (not literally the shore that gets me sent home...)

so I am Staying in Oxnard with Elder Hernandez for another 6 weeks!

So lets get this thing moving!

A. Oxnard is awesome as ever, but I learned I need to be careful with my bike.... some kids wanted to race me for my bike and every time those kids see us they yell at me to try to get my bike.... its awesome but other than young teenagers we had a interesting week this week full of hard work and other stuff!

One person we have work hard with is Juliette she is a recent convert and is very interesting. We had to go over some lesson with her because she didn't understand why we have these commandments (word of wisdom) and she even threw away her stuff she had after a little bit of encouragement and support it was awesome, but for her it was very hard. She is progressing so much we talked yesterday about her serving a mission and she said she isn't going to and we talked about it, and had to go to another appointment but we left that appointment and the phone went off and she asked "how can I get my mission papers?" but she is only 12 so she has a long wait ahead of her.

So to allow ourselves to work more with the members we have been giving them 3-10 He is the gift cards and talking to them about giving them out to there friends it has been pretty awesome to see them first look very scared and then second, after discussing about how they could do it to see the "fire in there eyes" to go and do it.

C. I love Elder Hernandez. That is all he is the best. case and point. Yep he is awesome why well because he is a child. But that is great for now, his is in the kingdom of god.

T. Jesus the Christ will strengthen your testimony 100 fold and if you don't believe me go read the first 200 pages and say that your testimony wasn't been strengthened.
this week I read about the Saviors last week in mortality and his betrayal and suffering and then his glorious rise from the tomb to never leave his body down again. 

S. this week we helped at a thrift store sorting moving and unloading thing it was pretty fun, and we got to find some pretty cool treasures and hidden treasures and even a little bit of knowledge!!

yep tons of fun!

there are some picture of christmas here in oxnard!!

well have a good one!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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