Wednesday, January 7, 2015


January 5, 2014

WHAT its 2015 i don't believe it...

Well this is what happened in part of 2014 :)

Area. Oxnard is awesome as always it has been really fun and this week we had an exchange with elder Sorenson and Elder Lopez but we will talk about that later the coolest thing this week is we found a new family to teach and 2nd one of our investigators told us that he wanted to quit drinking! and is totally working super hard to do that! he told us that he doesn't want to drink and that he wants to spend more time with his family!!!! 

so this man named "paco" told us this week he is going to quit drink as one of his new year goals and we taught him the word of wisdom right there and it went pretty well he told us that he is going to try his hardest to quit. he also told us he wants to learn how to speak English so we are starting an English class for him and any other person in Oxnard that wants to learn!

so the new family is actually a part member family the husband/father is a less active man named Robert I have never got to meet him because they saw found him on the exchange but from what Elder Hernandez told me they are awesome!! It is a pretty big family too Elder Sorenson said that its a family of 10-15 people .. !!! wooh!!

And the Exchange was awesome I went with Elder Lopez and we had a blast of a time and worked every hard too! We went and saw a less active named "pikachu" that's his nick name I don't know his real name but it was cool we helped him and his brothers change their rims on their truck. Then we went to go see there investigator named Rosario, on Christmas he hit a motorcyclist and he died so he was shaken up and in a park and Elder Sorenson and Elder Lopez talked to him and talked about the plan of Salvation and stuff so we went over and taught the restoration and it was very good the spirit was very strong there. Finally we saw their investigator Esmeralda she is getting baptized on Friday she made us dinner and then she had to leave cause her son was missing and it was dark in the not safe place in Oxnard so she left, and we taught her nieghbor a quick lesson and got out of there before we go missing.....

Pretty good week if I don't say so myself!

Companion. Elder Hernandez is awesome he has had a little bit of a hard time with opening his mouth recently but we talked about it and he seems to be doing a lot better! Goes to show companion inventories go a long ways!

Testimony. this week I read the January ensign and it is sweet! I loved the talk titled "Why Michigan?" to bad that story wont happen to me but I am completely fine with that! All in all it was a very lift and spiritual building week of reading, I love the ensign!

Service. this week we help re paint a house just like the missionaries helped us do many years ago, but sometimes it just feels like yesterday we lived in Canada and we were painting our basement pretty cool, but this week we were pretty warm considering its January!

Mainly just the service happened in 2014 but so long past your out of here!!

mostly old one i forgot to send....
but i got hold of a santa suit and wore it to carol and give cookies and small toys to kids we teach, and then the pjs my mom sent us!

-Elder Joshua Mackay.



  1. He's the cutest thing! He cracks me up!

  2. Juliette wuz here, hope mackay still remembers me!