Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 1 was Awesome

Sept 29, 2014

So hello again this week was been super duper fun with Elder Moreno

But again I am changing the format of my email to use my time better! 
hope you enjoy this weeks adventures cause I sure did!

Our area is going great we found a new investigator named Veronica and she went to church and the womans conference Saturday night and Sunday night she asked if we could talk to her and asked us "what is the baptism process?" so we told her what we need to teach her and told her to pray about her baptismal date it was awesome she even had a talk with her friend and talked about how it is her choice so her friend should respect that.

We also meet with the P family and they are going great! We taught them an English class and the restoration, and Carmen (the mother) went to the womans conference as well. it was a great restoration lesson and as far as we are aware they are going to stay in Fillmore we helped them find a job for a strawberry farm field thing. We gave them the plan of salvation pamphlet to help them prepare for us to teach that to them this next week!

That is the biggest highlights of the week. We also have been meeting with Bernard and we found out that he can travel to Santa Paula but not to the lake in Piru so we asked him to pray about where he should get baptized, were going to follow up on that this week when we see him next. 

 Elder Moreno is the best! I was so excited to be able to serve with him it is going to be a great 6 weeks! He is learning how to be a great district leader and its going to be great to see him grow and progress!

 This week was been a great week in studies, and Elder Parrish taught me something really profound about Ether, well the brother of Jared, he had 3 problems and the lord gave him 2 answers and he brought the 16 stones to the top of the mountain and prayed the the lord would touch them and one by one the Lord touched the stones and gave him his answers, and compared that to bring questions to conference and how 1 by 1 the lord will answer us.

 This week we had a lot of fun helping Bernard changing his spark plugs, but just like his oil we sucked.... and only changed 3 of the 6 and tomorrow are going to finish the project. :)

and of course pictures!

so the disrict Elder Moreno and Me, Hermanas Miller, Clark and Shepherd, Hermanas Young and Killpack, and Elders Lopez and Simpson

and some camels and zebras we pasted looking for a house. turns out we passed the turn :)

hope you have a great week!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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