Monday, September 22, 2014

Some more fun in the sun!

Sept 8, 2014

well this week was a great week it was awesome we had some good fun!

I am going to try doing this email differently so I will see how it turns out but I will talk about everything that happened still!

This week we meet with Bernard a ton and he even had his baptismal interview with Elder Carter yesterday (but he doesn't currently have a baptism date) yet he passed! Me and elder Parrish have just been in some many appointment he didn't see him until Sunday morning at church. But he still wants to learn more and keep reading the book of Mormon and praying so that he will still be ready for when he feels healthy again. But he came to church and we had a great talk after church!

We saw Fred a couple times this week and we helped him build a TV stand for his church it was pretty fun he had to do all the cutting, grinding, and drilling, but we help with everything else it looks pretty nice (nicer then our churches TV stands) and then yesterday he helped us download I'm a Mormon videos for the open house on Saturday, Elder Parrish and Elder Lopez saw him on exchanges. 

Thursday we meet with Claudia, Willie, and Salma. They wanted to feed us and talk more about our church after we met on Monday and talked about the Restoration, they are awesome Claudia and Willie met in Cube (deployed to Guantanamo bay) and got married 2 years ago and Salma is Claudia's daughter from a previous marriage. Salma is going to a Christian school and asked us to help her on her project on the baptism of Jesus. It is going to be cool, they all go to the catholic church but are very open to changing religion after we invited them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, Willie said that "I have never received an answer like that, but I believe I will get an answer"

We also had an exchange with the other Elders, Elder Berg and Elder Lopez, I was with Elder Berg in his area biking all day I was tired by the end of it, but we did alot of good work and talked to alot of people we talked to a man named Jose, and I thought he was going to beat us up (he was holding a baseball bat, and is super strong) but we talked to him for a little bit and then a cop started driving on the bike path...... and he ran off cause he thought he was coming to check him for drugs it was pretty weird, we saw Jose later that day as well so the cop didn't take him to jail. And once we walked into our apartment I was so tired I fell asleep during planning like 3 times.....

but that was the highlights of the week!

see you next week BYE

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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