Monday, September 22, 2014

Last week in this transfer!

Sept 15, 2014

Hello everyone is has been 3 seconds since i wrote last week

But as it is the last week where am i going? (elder Parrish and i have been together for 3 transfers now)

But on the best note our week was great and this next week is going to be greater! This week we are having a mission tour with Elder Malm of the second quorum of the 70, and hopefully we will have an investigator go to his fireside so we can see him again.. :D

But we saw a lot of good stuff this week and we had a church open house on Saturday with a chili cook off it was a lot of fun Elder Lopez and I were suppose to be judges but he chickened out so Elder Parrish did it for him, and a person from Santa Paula, there were some pretty good chilies there but they all hurt Sunday night..... but at the open house we had 24 non members there (i counted 24 but Elder Parrish counted 29) but we had 2 familys we have been teaching come and we gave them church tours and then one of the families came to church on Sunday.

the 2 families were Fred and his wife (Maria) and the Paralta Family (we found them this week) Fred had been helping us set up the open house by getting us i'm Mormon videos off of YouTube and he LOVED our church he thought it is awesome to have classes where different ages learn differently so we had a couple of great lesson with him watching videos it was pretty cool my new favorite video is because of him. oh its so good i invite you all to watch it for me! the Paralta family are awesome as well they were waiting outside for us and the Gonzales family brought them in for us and sat with them and they are pretty good friends now its crazy to see how once the missionary work is sparked in someone they can do anything, they even invited them to the movie coming out "meet the Mormons" but it is a family of 5 Father (Valeriano) Mother (Carmen) 2 boys and a girl Eddie (14) Rudy (12) and Jennifer (3) we have only taught Valeriano and Carmen though. 

Bernard is still doing good he was feeling sick over the weekend but we helped him wash his car this week which was pretty fun, Thursday night we had a lesson with him in the Baptism Font room and it was awesome he felt the spirit there a ton he asked us how we knew he felt different and we told him it was cause we felt it to and then he asked what that was and we dropped the ball.... and taught the plan of salvation..... ... but we repented and we asked him to study about the holy ghost and to teach us about it so he is preparing a lesson for us for Tuesday (tomorrow) so hopefully all goes well with that.

but that is the highlights of this awesome week i hope you all had a great one as well take care and see you next week!

enjoy pictures of the rock gorilla and the oil well we found during correlation!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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