Monday, September 22, 2014


Sept 27, 2014

Well its that time again and I am staying and Elder Moreno is coming to work in Fillmore!

Elder Parrish is heading to Oxnard

Well this week is going great and next is sure going to be better I cant wait to start working with Elder Moreno! anyways here are some highlights.

Well here in fillmore its going great we are working very hard, and we got a family set with a baptism date for the 18th of october, if they find work and dont move to bakersfeild that is. so i am hoping they find work we have been keeping our ears open for work! but its a family of 5 but the young is 1 and a half so she wont get baptized with her family.

We have been working hard with bernard as well and he is doing good but is feeling very sick so he didn't come to church again, I hope and pray everything goods well. 

And on thursday we went to a part members house and invited (last minute) to a fire side with elder malm and she said she would go if she could bring and friend and we said YES OF COURSE YOU CAN. So she brought her friend Brianna and Brianna enjoyed the fireside better then Nicole so we started to teach her this week and sunday we found out that her best friend is a member (very active member too) so things are looking up here in fillmore.

Well this week was been a blast sorry its so short but i love you all I and I am writing my testimony whether you like it or not!

But i know  that Jesus Christ live and that He died for all of us and the we can truly be saved through His grace that He gives to us, and that you can discover this truth through reading and praying in the book of Mormon. As a representative of Jesus Christ I invite all of you to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it to find that it is true and after that know that nothing else in this world can take that away from you, because you are built on a testimony of Jesus Christ.

Anyways no pictures this week forgot my cord at the apartment sorry!

with tons of love and prayers 
-Elder Joshua Mackay

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