Thursday, October 9, 2014

Best week ever

October 6, 2014

Hello this was an awesome week with a great week end!

First of all how was conference for all those who watched it?

Anyways this week was great as previous stated.

But I am doing something crazy called A.C.T.S. area, comp, testimony/studies, and service.

A. our area is awesome! we have had a lot of fun here in Fillmore we have set Bernard with a baptism date for the 27 of December He is getting a lot stronger the more we meet with him. He even watched conference with us during the priesthood and Sunday after session.

Elizabeth is doing great as well. We have been writing her questions and helping her answer them, we did D&C 122 this week and she told us that she learned a ton.

We also had Veronica watched conference with a member and she said she loved it and we're going to talk to her tonight at family home evening at the bishops house its going to be great!

C. Elder Moreno is doing great he is really learning how do be a great district leader. slowly but steadily I am sure one day he might even become a great assistant to the president! just kidding, but seriously he is awesome I only have good things to say about him. This is the most unified district and it is so awesome we learn so much from district meetings and well general conference. and that has been Elder Moreno in a nutshell.

T. this week I re read the whole General Conference from April and got some questions ready, and looking back the lord light up all the questions that I brought to him, I loved Elder Bednar's talk, I sat with Bernard as he was speaking and after that he said he feels like he needs to get baptized as soon as possible.

S. this week in the service department we did many thing like bring super glue to an old lady to glue her fake tooth back in... and break some couches with Bernard. the wrecking missionary services is very reliable, if you want some destroyed.

but all in all this week has been GREAT.

sorry no pictures this week forgot my camera cord at the apartment...

with tons of love and broken couches,
-Elder Joshua Mackay

ps Fillmore was the hottest city in the nation on Saturday at 107.

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