Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 51 - Another FANTASTIC Week

September 1, 2014

Well hello there how was your week?

Well i had a awesome week-  on Monday we had a district potluck and played croquet it was pretty fun! But we then went to visit N. she is awesome we talked about the restoration and reviewed it a little, it was pretty good for some reason it is hard to teach her with her mom around, but that is not the first time that has happened.

Tuesday was great we had a zone conference with the Santa Barbara zone so I got to see Elder Cavazos again and boy he has gained a little weight!  But it was a great conference i learned a lot. When we made it back to Fillmore we had a lesson with a investigator and we talked about how they felt about baptism, they said they felt ready spiritual but not physically, so asked if we could postpone the date to a later time. But let us back track to the beginning of the day when a member called us at 7 asking us for help to move her friend out of a house so we loaded up and tried to help but the lady is a hoarder and nothing was packed so after moving everything out of the way to make a path we moved a desk out and had to leave to change and head to Ventura.

Wednesday morning we went back to go help S. the lady who needed help but this time we waited tell after studies, but we packed up all her sons nintendos and some games, dvds and dvd players and anything else that we thought he might want back it was pretty fun helping. Then we went to see Bernard and we talked about Peter and what we had learned in zone conference it was pretty cool. He felt the spirit and asked for another blessing but we forgot to ask for permission to give it so we haven't done that yet.

Thursday we meet with N again and we talked about her past experience with missionaries (we found an old record looking though the area book trying to find new investigators) and she told us she hated being told when she is getting baptized that she will do it when she wants to and we talked about when she wants to get baptized and she told us she will pray about it, but wants to do it before transfers so we told her to pray about the 20th and set that as a goal for her baptism.

Friday, after weekly planning we meet Bernard at the church and had a lesson at the church, then we drove to Santa Paula to exchange companions. Elder parrish went to my Beloved Ventura and I stayed in Fillmore with Elder James.

Saturday. It was a normal day in Fillmore we talked to S in Piru and she told us she wants to get baptized in December before Christmas, so we set a date of December 6th and she is excited about that we talked about Baptism and what it is and what it means. We also had a lesson with Bernard and we just read from the Book of Mormon. It was a pretty great day.

Sunday we had 5 investigators at church and we meet with Bernard and how we can help him the best! My time has run out and I got to go!

Figure out the picture and good luck have a great week!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

Some sort of ramp made out of scriptures...
One year finished celebration.
1/2 way done package
Elder MacKay and Elder Berg(?)
Elder Parrish and his muffins, somehow it has become a joke that he will be my son in law...

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