Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 35 - Goodbye Ventura

Feb 24, 2014

So its transfer week and I am leaving!! I am going to Carpinteria!
Ok so I left my planner at home so this is going to be off memory.
Monday, we had a lesson with Mariala and we talked about her past experience with missionaries and a little about the Restoration it was a pretty good. and then we did a blessing on Gilberts house. It was a great experience for him and his kids, we found him walking on the street and he asked to bless his house so we did.
Tuesday. So after a normal district meeting we went out and taught some people we taught Alfonzo, the Gonzales family, and the Diaz family. So Alfonzo lives in Ojai and we just taught him the Restoration we then we had to come back to Ventura. The Gonzales family we talked about the Restoration and asked them to be baptized and they asked what they need to do so we briefly (like 5 seconds) talked about the Word of Wisdom and they told us they are going to try to quit coffee! It was pretty sweet they said they want to pick the date though. and with the Diaz family we were a little late so we only had 5 minutes before the kids needed to be in bed so we shared Alma 53:20   I believe I could be wrong on that one, but it was a great day.
Wednesday. well Wednesday I cannot remember to save my live, but I remembered that we stopped by the Diaz family looking for Ricardo and we shared Moroni 10:32 and Carlos (Hna. Diaz's ex-husband) was there and he listened in it was a little weird cause he is hard to the bone catholic.
Thursday. So we taught Xochil and she was so chill, and we read Ether 12 from the Book of Mormon and talked about Faith it was pretty good she said she would try to make it to church. and then we taught the Diaz kids about prayer and oh boy Dominic said the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard EVER. It was so sincere and full of love we could tell it came from his heart.
Friday. so Friday we helped someone move to Oxnard and it was almost all day it went  a lot longer then we thought it was going to be but we got some weekly planning in finish it up on Saturday.
Saturday after we finished weekly planning and contacted some referrals Martin and he is a great guy we talked about Prophets and stuff like that, gave him a Book of Mormon, we think he is starting to learn from the Jehovah witnesses as well but were not sure.
Sunday. in church I taught the 2nd hour about the holy Ghost it was alright.We also sang in sacrament that was pretty good, and then we had a branch movie night and we watched the Prophet of the Restoration and the Gonzales family showed up!!! They said the hardest step is the first and now that they have been in the church they are going to be there a lot more.  

anyways love you all have a great week.
picture next week.
-Elder Joshua Eric Mackay
Elder Mackay's new companion is the tall one in the grey suit

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