Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 33 - Another Week in California

February 10, 2014

Ok so this week was great, just like every other week!

Monday we had a dinner lesson with someone who I had no idea lived in our area because he is always at a house outside of our area. But we talked about Faith in Jesus Christ and how he can help us with work and everything else. We are having dinner with him again today as well!
ok so this week was great just like every other week!

Tuesday, Elder Lee was invited to MLC in Oxnard so I worked with Elder Simpson and Elder Moreno. So in my area we taught a Maria who is Apostolic (Jackson, remember those girls who invited us to the apostolic church? Their mom) and we talked about baptism because she asked how we do baptisms. We talked about it and then she told us that her daughter (Diana) has beeen reading the Book of Mormon, then I realized that we were at the same house 3 transfers ago with Elder Hernandez (Jackson). They invited us to their church, but we never went, it was a great lesson none the less. In the other Elder's area we taught Sara the Restoration and she finished teaching us all about Joseph Smith! Then we taught Erica the Restoration at a members house, it was a great lesson but her kids keep her distracted from what we were saying. Hna Nunes was great bearing testimony and helping with her kids. It was great!

Wednesday I had a Exchange with Elder Smoot. We taught Keith about the creation and touched a little bit on the Godhead, how they are 3 people but 1 in purpose. It was a great lesson, he understood and wated to learn about it instead of staying closed off. We also taught Shyna when when talking to Kieth, she walked over and asked us to giver her a chapter in the Book of Mormon to read (they have about 7 different investigators in that house) so when we came for dinner (a member there wanted to feed us) we asked Shyna if she read Moroni 10 yet, she said no so we read it together. It was a great lesson and then we helped cook some Mexican food.
Elder Smoot
Thursday, We had a blitz with Elder Rasband and Elder McKinley. We tried some people but no one was home. That night we went to the Diaz family and we taught the Gospel/they taught it to us. It was a great lesson to have them teach us so that we know that they know the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Elder McKinley and Elder MacKay
 Friday. After weekly planning we went and taught the Vera Family and we talked about the restoration. It was a good lesson, it seems the more we teach them the less they want to go to church... But at dinner with the Diaz family we talked to the kids about 1 Nephi 8 and how Nephi was so good it made his father proud and how Laman and Lemuel were so bad it put his father to shame, so be good kids!
We went to the Bribiesca family and read Mosiah 18 together and they are doing great, little by little. Hna Cisneros is helping her a lot and answering her questions and stuff.
Saturday. We finally found Xochil and taught her the Restoration she is great, she watchs kids for work and little by little is going to make her way to Christ. We also talked to Maria Carerra about why she didn't want to meet with us. She said she is scared to take the step alone. So we have plans to get her some great fellowshipper that can be there to answer her questions and help her out a lot. It is going to be GREAT!
We taught Felix and Adriena the Restoration and they loved it and said they want us to come back later! They are golden (we found them under a rainbow)
Sunday! So we didn't have anyone got to church, but we taught the Bribiesca family about keeping the commandments so that God will bless us as well as John 7:17. It was great, the are doing so good! We also talked to the Vera family about prayer and they told us they are going to the Lutheran Church and do not want to meet with us on the week end... :( BUT oh well, at least they didn't say NEVER! 
We finished the night by teaching Magaly about Prayer and how important it is!
Great week, hope you all have a great week take care and until next week.
Love you all
-Elder Joshua Mackay

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