Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 31! Another Work week!

January 27, 2014

ok well its been a great week.
so Monday we had a lesson with the Hna. Bribiesca. we taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went very well after we finished the lesson we asked her to be baptized on the 22 of Feb. and she said si! we are so existed its going to be great!
so Tuesday was a normal Tuesday with district meeting and stuff and that night we went over to the Diaz family and briefly went over the Joseph smith story and talked about how god answers prayers and a million different ways it was also a great lesson. they have been going though a rough time so we though it might be a good idea to talk about it and it was a fantastic idea!
Wednesday we went on blitz with all the Ojai Elders (Elder Mckinly and Elder Rasband. And Elder Smoot and Elder Anderson) for the first one i was with Elder Mckinly and we taught a lesson to a older couple about what we had studied that morning and it was all on the same topic it was pretty cool. and the second one i was with Elder Anderson and we knocked some doors and ran into an lady that doesn't speak English.. or Spanish... Japanese though so i tried my best to remember my Japanese class but it didn't happen so we told her to call the number on the back of the card or go to and she can find someone to talk to her in Japanese. oh and then we got a new car! (2014 Toyota Corolla)
Thursday walking down the street we started talking to a Manuel and we taught him the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon but said he wont read and gave it back but said we can come back to talk more with him. he is a pretty cool old guy who was feeding birds spicy cheetos.. we also stopped by the Diaz house and shared Alma 53:20 and talked about how we have to be good people so we can be trusted in all things. it was a great lesson.
Friday we went to see magaly on her day off but she got called in to work about 30 minutes before we got there so we talked to her mom instead and talk about Ether 12:4 and how great faith is but her aunt has in town with her so she asked if we could come back later and talk more about faith but to me it seemed like her aunt liked it a lot. we also talked to Luis Bribiesca and we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and asked him to be baptized on the same day as his mother (22 of Feb.) and he said he wanted to pray about and get back to us later. he is golden and will get baptized soon here.
Saturday was great we talked to a Roberto on the street and gave him a Book of Mormon and he said "i promise i will read it" !!!!! he is so golden we going back tomorrow to see what he thought about it. we also talked to a Meggy and gave her a Book of Mormon and she also said that she would read some of it. were going back on Wednesday. so i have been in Ventura for a while now and we have been trying to see this Mairela for a while now and we popped in to visit her mother in law and she walked in about 5 minutes later. so we talked about families cause she just had her baby (it 1 and 1/2 months old) it wa a great lesson (she thought my mom is Latino....) oh ya i showed them my family. and then we talked to Eusibio he was going to feed us the night before but he his son do it so we went back to teach him his dinner lesson. we talked about the 2 great commandments in Mat 22:36-40 (i believe) it was a great lesson. and we went to Ojai to see the baptism of Doug (Elder Smoot and Elder Anderson's investigator) and we found a man named Jose and we taught him the Book of Mormon and he liked it a lot.
and finally Sunday. we brought Ribay with us again and visited Gustaba who is in his Spanish class and we talked about the Book of Mormon and gave him one. we going to see him on friday to see what he thinks about it. we also visited the Vera family and invited them to a baptism on Wednesday for Jamie (Elder Moreno and Elder Simpson's investigator) and shared a quick message with them and were going to see them on Wednesday. we also seen Hna. Bribiesca and shared Hel 12:5 and building our houses on Christ. it was a great lesson.
so overall a great week see you next week take care and have fun!\
-Elder Joshua Mackay
Elder Lee

Anderson, Smoot, Mckinley, Rosband, Moreno, Simpson, Mackay, Hermana's Siddoway and Linford

Elder Smoot

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