Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 36 Welcome to Carp

March 3, 2014

So this week was fun a LOT of walking which is even better :P

Monday was one of the hardest days I have had in Ventura but also might be the last, but you never know. It was fun and sad all at the same time it was awesome.

But Tuesday, after the short drive of about 30 minutes we were in Carpinteria. We had some lunch and meet up with the other Elders (Elder Parrish and Elder Sorensen) and did shopping and then went out preaching. We met up with a investigator named John he is a great guy but doesn't want to quit smoking were just chippin away. But it was a great day.

So Wednesday we went out in the morning and you know how people get sick when they go to an new area, well I didn't get sick but Elder Henriod did. So after lunch he took some down time to sleep up to Friday morning but at least he is feeling better.

Now we're at Friday and after weekly planing we meet up with John again and talked about the Plan of salvation and it started dumping rain. We were soaked head to toe it was pretty funny. So we went home to change and warm up for 15 minutes and ended up taking an early dinner and heading back out and we talked with a homeless man named Scotty (people called him tostado or toasty) and he was having a rough day but he is pretty cool he gave me an umbrella and Elder Henriod a poncho it was pretty funny walking with 2 umbrellas.

Saturday, still rain, it was great. Saturday we got the car from the car share and stayed dry all day. and we visited a family (recent converts) and it was fun we talked about the blessings of the gospel and many other things as well it was a pretty good visit.

Sunday, was the best part about it we had church and after church we did some stuff and before you know it was time for dinner and we started walking and before we knew it we were heading the wrong way and had to back track a lot to get back on track and then walked for about an hour (we called and told them we were running late) it was a long walk but it was fun and it stopped raining too. John called us close to 6 times during dinner and so we meet up with him and we talked about our favorite bible stories it was a great lesson he even brought his bible to meet with us. We also talked to a Eddy he is about 23 and isn't doing a lot with his life but it was good to talk to him he thinks the Jesus is a lie and the bible is not correct but live his life based off of Jesus's he was pretty funny.

Yep that was week 1 of many anyways have a good week and stay dry and warm cause being cold and wet is a lot worse.

pictures; Elder Henriod, Starwberry plant, Elder Nalder, Elder Driggs, Elder Fairbourne, and Sister Shepards, and Aapirl

-Elder Joshua Mackay
This is Aapril, probably the hardest part of leaving Ventura!

Elder Driggs

Elder Fairbourne (His first trainer)

Elder Nalder

Elder Henroid

Sister Shepard

Strawberry plant!

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