Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 34 - Lask Week of Transfer 4 in Ventura

February 17, 2014

Hello every one we had an other great week what about you?
Anyways it all started on Monday! We talked to Ricardo about how God helps us in our trials and when we are not in trials as well. It was a pretty good lesson. We took a picture with the family after wards and headed on our way.
Tuesday, after District Meeting and other fun things we went and stopped by Gilberto's house because he asked us to bless his house when we were talking to his brother on the street (his Brother is Bryan Tadeo is a member but Gilberto is not) and so we stopped by to see when we could do that and he asked us if we need some olive oil or something so we explained that oil is used for healing blessing only and we talked about what would happens and set up an return appointment for tonight. We also talked to Carmen and Felipe Gonzales and we talked about the Book of Mormon and Carmen told us she started reading it from 1 Ne and is now read the index about pride! She told her husband, Felipe that he needs to take at least 2 minutes a day and read the book. He then said he would try to do that.
Wednesday, was Ojai day. we tried a lot of the Spanish potentials up in Ojai but a lot of them moved but we had dinner with the Torres family. They are part member and Enrique the non member showed up late and ended up not eating because he wanted to listen to our message. We watched the movie Finding Faith in Jesus Christ and we talked about Faith they are such a great family they just need to get Enrique baptized and go to the temple.
Thursday we talked with the Vera family to see if thier mom was home but she wasn't but we had a great Restoration lesson with a focus on modern day Prophets it was a powerful lesson and I think  we may have planted another seed but we will see later this week.
Friday, after weekly planning and all the fun morning activates we stopped by the Diaz family and taught the Plan of Salvation it was a great lesson one of the Kids asked "how does it feel up there?" that is a great question and we don't know but the Scriptures tell us it a joyful 24/7 feeling. Then we brought Alicia Bribiesca to dinner with us and she asked us if we believe in the saints and the virgin and before we could open our mouths the member Hna Cisneros answered the question and brought up the ten commandments and well number 1 and 2 it was great and since she was late to dinner we had to leave early to get to correlation but Hna Cisneros said she had everything under control and not worry about Alicia.
Saturday, we had a exchange with Elder Simpson and Elder Moreno so I went with Elder Simpson in my area. and we talked to the Diaz family and we just shared Alma 53:20 and how we need to be good kids.
Sunday, Was great but I am out of time until next week!
-Elder Joshua Mackay  
Not really sure, but I think this is the Christmas tree Meliah sent him.

Elder MacKay and Lee with a Family...

Cute little girl!

Elder Simpson, Lee, Moreno and MacKay with some locals.

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