Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 30! Round 2! Preach!

January 21, 2014

Hello every one i love all your beautify smile on this Monday.
my week was great lets start the over review!
Monday, so Elder Cavazos (my older companion) was being transferred to Santa Barbara so he wanted to say good bye to some investigators, the Gonzales family, the Bribiesca family, and the Hernandez family. at all of those places we shared a scripture, Elder Cavazos bore his testimony of the gospel and how it has helped them out and then encouraged them to continue taking the lessons. all three lessons were very powerful and hit hard to all 3 families, we might have 3 baptisms this transfer!
Tuesday. of course we had transfer meeting were I meet Elder Lee (my new companion) it was a great transfer meeting. we had a great day we went to visit the Torres family and we had i little lesson there about how god supports us in our righteous actions. hna. Torres has been in Mexico for a while working on her teeth and the more work she is getting done the more work she is needing. funny huh. we also had a lesson with the Diaz family hna. Diaz is going though some medical problems are right now so we went over to see if we could help so we gave her a 15 minute break as we taught the kids a quick lesson. about 2 Ne 4:20. its a good one!
Wednesday. we had district meeting. after that finished up and we had lunch we went to see some people cause that's what we do as missionaries, but we went to the Pacheco house to pick up Marco to take him out with us to see the Vera family and we had a lesson with them about how we can pray for answers, it was pretty good we had Marco bear his testimony and man members and missionaries working together is so much better then just members or just missionaries.
Thursday. Thursday was a lot of talking to other people on the street we found 2 new investigators and had a lot of fun that day probable my favorite day of the week. so we tried to teach Magaly a lesson but she was at work so we talked to her mom and taught her instead. I love missionary work! but we talked about Hel 5:12 another great one. and building our families on the rock of Jesus. we then ran into Jose on the street and gave him a Book of Mormon of course after talking about it and stuff, he took it we went to some other houses in that apartment complex and when we were leaving we saw him reading it and Elder Lee said "bien hecho Hermano" (good job brother) it was great to see him doing something with what we taught him. and then we started talking to a Juan Pablo and about mind way though our conversion we asked him what he thought about our message that we shared (we just taught him about Joseph Smith) and he told us that he could see that we knew that this was true and he asked us to come back Saturday and teach him more about it. so we went back on Saturday.
But Friday is before Saturday. so Friday after we finished weekly planning and all that funny stuff we headed out to work. and this time Magaly was home! so we taught her the restoration again cause she forgot what that is it was a very powerful lesson and she almost said yes to a baptism date of the 15th of February but she said "I will think about it" which is ok but good, better, best or the 15th of February. I think this week she will say yes to a date. we also taught the Bribiesca family the Plan of Salvation it was very powerful we asked the 17 year old what he taught about it and he said it makes sense its clear simply and perfect. Oh man i can't wait tell they get baptized its going to be a great day! little by little we are seeing them today so hopefully it goes well.
Saturday. was another great day. so early in the week we talked to a Sosa and he asked us to come back on Saturday so we did and we taught him the Restoration and he enjoyed it he told us that he is not looking to change religion and we told him we not looking to change him only to invite to come closer to Christ. he invited us back this week. we also had Marco come out with us again but this time we went to see Eusibio, and we shared Mos 2:41 and invited him to church to receive more blessing. it was pretty good. after we took marco back home we tried to visit xochil (pronounced so chill) but on the way we started talking to Jose and he told us to come back on Sunday to teach his family. in the evening a different Marco came out with us to visit Juan Pablo and we taught him about the Book of Mormon. and invited him to church and Marco bore his testimony SUPER POWERFUL. and then we had Saturday night session of conference.
Sunday. we had 4 lesson with one of the Priest from the branch Ribay. we had and saw Keran, Jose, Magaly, and the Diaz family but i will; have to tell you later about them and picture next week!!
love you got to run!1
-Elder Joshua Mackay  

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