Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 1 with Elder Passey

February 2, 2015

hello from newbury park!

Elder Passey is awesome and the people here are awesomer!

but this is how our week went!

A. Newbury Park is awesome I love the people here! So we work in a spanish unit, so there is an English ward and then us going on at the same time. It is awesome, we had 31 people in the unit yesterday and Elder Passey said that is more then he has ever seen! But none of them are investigators because he baptized them all....

But yes the whole unit is recent converts or less active we spend most our day in a place nicked named las casitas which gets boring at times, but the people there are awesome! we have been teaching a less active named Angel. My goodness he is a talented mechanic he has people ask for his service all the time, oh ya he is also 75% blind, he relies on feeling the parts and such. He works alot of custom street race cars.

Another recent convert we have been working with is Melony she is awesome she is the niece of Angel so she is over there a ton and just a awesome person.

And the final person that we have been working with is an investigator named Jenny, she wants to get baptized but her dad wont let her. One night she asked if we have any movies, and we left them in the apartment so we had her pull up the Joseph Smith movie on her phone and watch it later and then at 12:00 midnight we got a text saying she finished the movie and loved it and thought that it was awesome how Joseph Smith never gave up even though the trials were stacking up against him.

C. Elder Passey is a hoot! He is so funny and easy to get a long with and the people we teach love him and he loves them. That the first thing I noticed about Elder Passey

T. This week I studied a little bit in ch 5 in PMG about the Book of Mormon and it was a good reminder about how we should be using the Book of Mormon as much as possible.

S. We took out Angels trash one day.... its was smelly lol!

It was pretty fun! I would love to send pictures but I forgot my camera at home so next week for sure!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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