Monday, February 16, 2015

Another Fly by Week

February 16, 2015

Hello there!

I had a great week this week I didn't get hurt on Friday.... and Saturday I was stuffed with all kinds of goodness!

so this is what happened this week!

A. Newbury is going good. we had a great week! well this week flew by cause I can't remember to much about what happened but we did have a solid miracle here. we have been trying to see this less active lady and we could never find her but this week as it happened, turns out she is a care giver and she has work a 24 hour day and then a 12 hour day and then again a 24 hour day, you get the point she was working a ton, but her client passed away and so now she has less hours and so we got to talk to her and then she said she would be at church this coming Sunday so we will see what happens.

Then we went to a investigators house and a member opened up the door and she told everybody that she left for Mexico or somewhere but turns out she didn't go or something, I don't know all I know is we had a great lesson about going to church on Sunday and then she didn't show up so hopefully we find her again...

C. Elder Passey is awesome he is so funny this week he said he is going to lose weight and so when ever he is full or doesn't want to eat more, he waits until I and the people were eating with look away and then he will put it on my plate.. and I caught him every time he is great I love him!

T. well this week I studied the living Christ in preparation for the up coming zone conference and it was awesome after reading it again at lunch I took my lunch time lie down and this is the thing I hate about revelation it always comes when your about to fall asleep but the good thing about being a missionary is that your plan is always in arms reach! but I got my talk ready for zone conference!

S. and I don't recall any service outside of eating extra food for Elder Passey....

yep it was fun!

so we went on a hike this past week and here are some picture of the water(trickle)fall hike

Have a great week!

-Elder Joshua Mackay!

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