Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another Week in the past

February 23, 2015

Well Hello there it was been a pretty good week this week with lots of fun and sun... not really it rained all weekend but we need the water.

Well this is what happened:

A. Newbury Park is awesome. We had a missionary return home this week he served in New York, New York City South, and he we had a birthday/return party cause his birthday was the day of his return and we had a ton of people there, mostly English but we had a gold Spanish investigator show up her name is Reselda she is awesome! Elder Passey said that she dropped them when he first got here but her entire "heart" of the church changed and she even came to church we are going to meet her this week and maybe baptize her in 2 weeks if all goes well.

This week we also help a resent convert write a talk to give this past Sunday and it was awesome her topic was "how can I strengthen my testimony daily" it was perfect for her because she could use but it was awesome they had me bear my testimony because I am the new missionary and then her talk and then Elder/Brother Diaz the one that just got back. It was a awesome day at church Melony the resent convert did a very good job on her talk we are proud of her!

Also this week we had a weird Thursday without district meeting but it turned out to be a great day! We met with alot of people and had a couple lesson we meet with Jenny that day too and we talked about faith and enduring to the end it was awesome, but we found out she wasn't reading the Book of Mormon..... so we committed her to give it another effort and we will see what happened this week!

C. Elder Passey is awesome he is really fun to serve around and when ever our plans fall through he always has someone we can go and see.

T. This week I read about testimony vs. conversion in the ensign along with other things and it was interesting to think that were really not converted at baptism but its an on going process and we have to strengthen our testimonies daily and keep on moving forward.

S. This week we were able to help someone bring in their groceries and get a couple other more dirty projects set up for this week! I have missed working in jeans....

Well I cannot wait to dig some holes!!!!! I had to convince the person to let us do it but it wasn't that hard....

Anyways have a great week! Sorry I forgot to take pictures...

-Elder Joshua Mackay

Pictures from the Mission Presidents wife Sister Felix from their last zone conference.

Birthday Recognition 
Newbury Park
Zone Conference
Tie trade!

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