Monday, January 26, 2015

Newbury Park? Better Have good Berries!

January 27, 2015

Well I guess I am need to leave Oxnard and head to Newbury Park.

Yep but it all fun in the sun!

Here we go!

A. Well I never thought I would leave Oxnard, sometimes missionaries have a hard time leaving it but I finished what I needed to do here I guess and off to new berry park I go! It was great we had a great lesson with Marisa this week and it was funny we didn't know what to teach her but she asked about Elder Sorensen's name and he talked about family history and now she wants to do more of it to learn where she is from and about her family.

We also met with a recent converts son named Elisa. He is cool, he loves God but doesn't want to leave his church, he grew up going to different churches and youth activities in those churches, but we taught him the restoration and it was a good lesson he changed his mind set a little bit on our church because his mom was kinda trying to force it on him and I guess he just didn't like that to much.

C. It has been way too much fun with these 2 Elders I'm going to miss them, but  guess now I can cross them off of my wish list to serve with :) this week I noticed that Elder Sorensen is really concerned about the people we teach, and would much rather by on time to appointments then have a full hour dinner, and Elder Lopez I noticed that he is looking for people to talk to all the time, he is always looking for people to teach.

T. Well this week I have been battling some sort of cold illness or something - we all were, and it was hard to get out of bed at 6:30 and it was even harder to keep on going though out the day but it seemed we always had the perfect amount of energy to keep on going and it wasn't from the amount of rest we received but from those boost engines of angels pushing us on.  

S. This week we had a interesting thing happen we were helping some one and they gave us some dress shoes that didn't fit. We were about to throw them out today (p day) but there are 2 boys preparing to go on their missions and one of them needs 2 pairs of shoes, and he wears the same size as the ones given to us. Double service!

This week was pretty cool I had lots of fun!

cool waterfall hike we did, and us playing with native weapons...

Have a good week!
-Elder Joshua Mackay
Elder Sorenson

Elder MacKay, Lopez, Sorenson 

Elder MacKay at his finest

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