Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 48 - Fillmore Round 3!

August 11, 2014

Hello so transfers are this week and me and elder Parrish are staying together for another 6 weeks!

So this week was great and it went a little like this:

Monday we had dinner with a nurse and she asked us about how Bernardo got sick, so we told her the story (well what he told us) and she asked us about his diet and she said that he might have crohn's disease and from what she told us it totally makes sense so she gave us a book because she has crohn's as well. So we went to Bernardo's house and he said he would take it to his doctor and see what he thinks. and then we talked about church and how we could get him to Ventura for stake conference and talked about how church attendance is important.

Tuesday. we have a sister in the ward heading on her mission (Dallas Texas mission) her name is sister Pace, so we had her join us for a couple lesson with Bernardo, Carmen, and Anthony. So with Bernardo we had him ask questions to Sister Pace and it was pretty good and then we went over tithing and he didn't really like it at first but we will talk about that later... Carmen is Bernardo's mother so we talked to her about the restoration before Bernardo came out to talk with us, it was a good lesson but Sis. Pace could not participate as much as she wanted because she doesn't know that much Spanish, but it was a good lesson and she said she was going to read all the pamphlets that Bernardo has. Then with Anthony we talked about the book of Mormon and really stressed the importance of reading it because you can't learn the church is true unless you read it. and then Sis. Pace left and we went to Ali's house to talk to him about reading the book of Mormon it was almost the same lesson as the one we had with Anthony.

Wednesday was great too. We had Angel come with us to go visit Bernardo and we talked about tithing some more just to see what he thinks about it after a day and he said "I don't like how it is worded but it is a commandment so even though i don't understand it i will pay it" WOOOH WOOH!! So we talked about the blessing that he will receive from doing this. an hour later he wanted to know if we could go to dinner with him, so we got some food and after dinner we reviewed the restoration and it was very good he understands a lot more then he did before! After having 2 lessons with Bernardo we decided to go see Susie and so we talked to Susie about miracles and how there is a God and he can do anything it was a great lesson.

Thursday was good we talked to Bernardo about the 10 Commandments it was pretty good until his sister needed to go to the hospital (she has been having pain in her gallbladder) but once the house settled down we had a lesson with Carmen and she read the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet and asked us some questions about what she read. Then she wanted to make us some tortas (mexican sandwich) and Bernardo came back so we talked to him again and we talked about temple and family history work and it was pretty good he can't wait to go to the temple.

Friday after some weekly planning we went to see you guessed it Bernardo! (note to readers we do try to see other people but they are never home or cancel appointments it might seem like we live at Bernardo's but we don't.) and we talked about the Priesthood what it is and who has it and the offices and all they can and can't do. it was a good lesson thats for sure and it all started cause he had a friend tell him he should be a deacon and he told him that he could be a priest!

 Saturday we had 2 lessons with Bernardo.... and Fred so we helped Fred pour more cement and bury some water pipes and we talked about how church building and special and should be kept clean and spotless we then after to give him a tour of our church and then he offered to give us one. and then we talked to Bernardo to see if he would come to church and talked about the blessing he could receive by going to stake conference but he didn't feel to go so he didn't come.

Sunday. so after stake conference and talking to some people we got sis Pace to come see Bernardo with us and we went to the church and watch the John Tanner story and reviewed everything that we learned and he said he had a question. and he asked us why god made the tea plants and coffee bean if we cannot drink tea and coffee and we told him that there needs to be opposition in all thing. it was a great lesson and he told us that he feels something and we asked him what it was and he described the spirit and we talked about that and that was a best!

anyways hope your week was as good as ours!

-Elder Joshua Mackay 

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