Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 49 - We are mechanicsP

August 18, 2014

well this week was great lots of fun!

Monday was crazy we helped Elder Berg and Elder Hernandez pack up and move in and we meet with bernard (bernardo) and we watched a church movie the restoration it was pretty good he enjoyed it.

Tuesday well Elder Berg left for transfer meeting to get Elder Lopez and Elder Parrish and I went to work (after grabbing a couple thing from the old apartment, Elder bergs bike, area book, and there phone charger) we talked to a couple of people on the street and then the Zone Leaders (Elder James and Elder Carter) called and asked us to get the Santa Paula hermanas area books for the new english elders so we did that and helped them get settled in (showed them where to buy food:)) and then we met with Bernard and we talked about what he read in the book of mormon the night previous and he said he wants to get baptized in a river/lake so we went with him to check out lake Piru but it was dark and we couldnt see very much and rushed home to get in on time. which we did!

Wednesday, Bernard called us and asked us if we knew how to change oil.... we said yes.. after about 2 1/2 hours of trying to get the plug out to drain the oil, we finally did it (we thought we could change oil) but we had a very good talk with bernard and he changed his baptism date to the 6th of September cause that is when he wants to get baptized. and we had a great discussion about baptism as well.

Thursday after district meeting and district lunch we got to do more service and cleaned the Ramirez familys carpet and move some furniture around it was fun! in the evening we met sarah pace at bernard's house to watch the prophet of the Restoration (the hour long one) and then after we had to go somewhere else but they were not home and bernard called and said he had a question so we went back and had a second lesson with him about temples and the pioneers and we went over the baptism interview questions and he passed with flying colors but wanted to learn more about Thomas s Monson.

Friday. in the morning we prepared a special lesson for Bernard, but never got to meet him on Friday he had family in town. but we talked with Hope and we have been trying to find her for a while now but we talked about prayer and how it can change peoples lives for good. We met with the Zavala family and read 2 Nephi 18 it is where they are at in reading the book of mormon. and we also met with the part member foy family they are awesome and we talked about the book of mormon it was a great lesson but it doesnt seem like the dad was very interested.

Saturday we helped fred re-dig some holes and then fill them back up... it was a pain but we had fun like we always do. After Fred, Bernard called us and asked us to help with something. he resently bought a new car and didn't understand what the guy he got it from was trying to say but turns out he forgot to get it registered in his name so the old owner got charged by his insurance... oops. For correlation Bro compton wanted to go see the lake and see if we could baptize bernard there so he paid $13 to go see the lake... but after all that was over we went to Bernard's house to get him to come to Sarah Pace's farewell open house thingy so we went to that together after it ended we went to see the Ramirez family cause manuel turned 77!! He is so old!! But we had some cake with him and he has happy.

Sunday, we got Bernard to come to church to see Sarah's farwell talk it was really good a boy does she talk fast, fastest speaker I have ever heard it was crazy I felt bad for the translator but Bernard had to leave sacrement cause the smelly perfume girls like to hear made him sick so he went home for a little bit and came back for the 2nd and 3rd hours. so after church and lunch and studies we finally had time to give Bernard the special lesson he wanted about Thomas S Monson it was really good he told us many times that he felt the spirit. and that was sunday and our week!

Pictures the district (elder parrish & me, Elder berg and Lopez, hermana Shepard & hermana wallace, Hermana killpack and hermana young),bernard and us, pear ish...., the next 2 are piru lake, a 77 year old man with a big smile, and us going to bro comptons house.

well hope to see you soon!

-Elder joshua Mackay

Hermana's Shepard, Wallace, Killpack and Young
Elders Parrish, MacKay, Berg, Lopez

Elder Parrish and MacKay Sandwiching Bernardo

Pear Ish

Piru Lake

Piru Lake

Elder Berg, Parrish, MacKay

77th Birthday

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