Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 39 - Well it was a great week

March 24, 2014

Welcome back to another week in my mission, as short as it has been.

So this week has been fun.

On Monday we had a dinner with a member family and there daughter came from Las Vegas with her boyfriend and we taught him about well the gospel we shared a story from the Book of Mormon but I can't seem to remember what one it was cause I didn't write it down it was a great lesson but he lives in Las Vegas and goes to church there, but isn't sure if its the true church.

Tuesday we had a Zone conference and I learned that Sister Castro is a very good speaker if you are ready to write it down. We talked a lot about the book of Mormon and it was a very Great day.
Thursday. I was on an exchange with Elder Parrish, and we had a awesome day it all started with Jose who we talked about baptism and he just wants to go to church with young people so they may have given him to the Zone Leaders who cover the YSA ward. and then we meet with Fred, Fred is a great guy who loves to talk and hunt anything that is bigger then him. We had a great lesson on prayer and how prayer can help us. We then saw Ye Yang and we taught her the law of Chasity and about Baptism because she is a lot more ready then she thinks so we just told her that. We then headed over to the church where some less actives, and non members play Basketball and we shared a scripture with them and prayed for there safety well playing and it was a fun experience, but we couldn't play. we then finished the night with Angel and he had asked some Questions of the soul that we prepared to answer and that is what we did. it was a great day.

Friday. we had a lesson with a Tom Jones and we meet him at Ihop cause he likes to buy us lunch so we ate some food and talked about how we all have potential Tom has been all over the place and he has a lot of money and he has learned that doing what you love isn't work its fun and we talked about all the potential that he has and that I have and the Elder Henriod has. It was a pretty good lesson.

And that brought us though the week.

I love you all, take every chance you get to work, and by work I mean share the gospel because I have learned it can all end in a game of Dodgeball. See you all later 

so i cant remember the order of pictures but i know that, i am in there with my sweet green tie (thanks mom) elder Parrish is in there and some seals and Carpinteria views and some tar pit.
oh and state street in Santa Barbara

-Elder Joshua Mackay
Tar pit

Beautiful Carpinteria

Elder Parrish

New Favorite tie! (St Patricks day present)

State street in Carpinteria


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