Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 38 - Another Week

March 17, 2014

Hello again its so nice to type your names in!

Ok so this week was rough but knee update I got an MRI on Friday and Saturday they called me and told me I have a bucket handle tear on the inside part of my meniscus and the doctor will tell me what need to happen on Tuesday or tomorrow.

Oh and today I woke up to my house shaking.... but were are all fine. (Earth Quake)

But never the less we did teach John and Robert.

Monday we had a lesson with John Ford, and he has been trying to quit smoking for a while now but doesn't have any drive behind his push, if that makes sense but we were talking to him and he started to talk about how we are sons of God and then he asked if we could walk and talk but when we were walking he starts looking for a smoke. So I told him that its better if we didn't go for a walk and he keep pushing it so I told him that he is better then that, he isn't someone who should look for smokes on the ground or in ash trays cause he knows he is a son of God and is better then that it was a powerful moment for him the notice that and for me because I had no clue what to say I just opened my mouth and the Holy Ghost did the talking.

Wednesday was the next day we got to talk to John and all it was is he heard rumors that the Mormon church is trying to take over the world..... so we put some logic back in him and then he asked how Mormons would defend themselves if they were to be attacked.. It was pretty weird he has never acted like that before but we brought it back to the restoration and the pioneers and how for the most part we were peaceful and obeyed the law but were still being prosecuted.

Thursday, we had the first district meeting of the transfer it was pretty good, and in the evening we had a blitz with the other Elders (Elder Parrish and Elder Sornesen) and Elder Parrish and I taught one of there investigators named John he is a mason and has been meeting with missionaries for over 5 years now he even bought his own Quad! But he didn't have any expectations about missionaries so we talked about expectations and such.

And the final lesson of the week was on Sunday, and we talked to Robert, and we learned he can talk a lot which is good cause we learn how we can help him when he tells us stories about his past life. He talked about how God is our loving Heavenly Father who loves us and knows us by name. It was a powerful experience for him to learn this simple yet power fact.

Any way this was a fun and hard week and I am looking forward to this next week cause it is the best week in my life!

Love you all.

-Elder Joshua Mackay

the lizard i caught is name Draco. then there is a view of the ocean from the freeway, and my district (Hermanas Higgs, Wright, Elders Parrish, Sornesen, Elders Henriod, Mackay, Elders Barlow, and Griffin.)

Draco the new Pet

Sister Higgs, Sister Wright, Elder Sorensen, Elder Parrish, Elder Henroid, Elder MacKay, Elder Barlow, Elder Griffin

View from the freeway

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