Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 37 - Another week and a whole lot of fun

March 10, 2014
Hey everyone it so nice to see or names again!
Anyways so last Monday I injured myself again so Monday night we stayed in and iced, don't worry I went to a doctor and we are figuring it all out.
Tuesday after I numbed my knee out so I couldn't feel it we went out and taught 3 lessons! it was the BEST, so we found a new guy named Robert walking by the train tracks and he said all we have to do is give thanks to god and we both testified of that and he asked us if we could come over Friday and talk more about our message. He is SWEET. We then meet up with John Ford and we talked about miracles that Jesus did in his life and how it can help us today to know this things are true and that he can help us today. and before we came home we ran into Scotty and we talked about Gods plan for us and how He loves us. Tuesday was a great day.
Wednesday. We met with John Ford who said he had questions about Mormons and it was about the Word of Wisdom so we talked about that and how every plant has a purpose. It was a pretty good lesson about the word of wisdom he has a smoking problem so we have been praying for him and he has been smoking less too.
so Thursday my knee was very bad but we had our first Zone meeting and I learned a lot about how to be a better missionary to other people and just serving applying the Amron principle is what Elder Putnam called, just seeing things that need to be done and doing it.
Friday, or this week doctor day.. so after spending all morning and most of the afternoon waiting and getting looked at I learned that I torn my meniscus in my left knee and alot of stuff is going to happen. Wooh. after returning home and going to dinner John asked if he could meet up so we could answer some questions about polygamy which has fun but it seemed as if he is stepping away from the church now he also brought the word of wisdom up again...
Saturday. Since we spent most of Friday in Santa Barbara in the doctors office we went by Roberts and oh boy he has been prepared he is a great man, we taught him about the Book ofM ormon and gave him a copy and he said he will read it cause he has nothing better to do. Wrong reason to start I think but at least he is reading.
Sunday. We talked with John who was acting like a different person to teach, it was pretty weird but we talked about the Godhead and how God is a loving Heavenly Father. It was a pretty good day.
And a pretty good week!
And some pictures of the week!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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