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December 30, 2013

well first off merry Christmas o feliz Navidad (which ever you prefer)
second Happy New Years
third yes i spelled feliz wrong on my Christmas card so Felix Navidad (they should be in the mail or i don't have your address, which my mom is working on)
so this week was short since we had to be in a 8 for Tuesday and Thursday, and p day was on Monday and weekly planning on Friday but all is well in the vine yard of the lord!!
so Monday we had two lessons but i forgot to write them down so I forgot who they were with... Wait i remember wooh!! so for dinner we ate at Hermana Pacheco's house had some great Mexican (como siempre, y yo como siempre:D) but since she doesnt have a husband or a son older then 17 we called eusibio to eat with us and we gave he well a Christmas lesson... it was in two days! then we went over to the Pinedo family's house and shared another Christmas story it kinda what we do around Christmas share the word!
Tuesday after having Distract meeting and taking care of some doctor co payment. we headed to the mission home to drop off result of some tests with a Christmas "Felix Navidad" card and Elder Cavazos gave them some Chocolates and we are driving away after leaving he left it on the door step and i put mine in the mail box about 5 minutes later we get a text from Sister Castro that said "Thank you for the gift. My favorite thing. You both are so kind and thoughtful. I love the picture. "felix" Navidad. We sure love you!" Elder Cavazos and I laughed about that one for ages, I don't know what was going on and we then went home for lunch and language study and for lunch I had baked cookie to drop off to people but we forgot them at the apartment :( (almost 3 dozen chocolate chip kiss cookies and 6 candy cane cookies) but we still went caroling with Elder Moreno and Elder Fernandez. (don't worry mom i got feed good on Tuesday and Wednesday)
Wednesday. Well after the longest studies of my life we open all the gifts we received, so thank you if that involved you. and after we cleaned up and Elder Cavazos tried his first Terry's Chocolate orange we went over to the Cisnero's family who invited us over for lunch, after lunch we returned to call our families, which was the highlight of the day. after call we went caroling again with Elder Moreno and Elder Fernandez. we ha dinner with one of the many Hernandez families and well after we learned we forgot to do cookie drop offs so we went and did those after dinner before heading home.
Thursday. Finally i full day of working Wooh. and we got back to work teaching the Diaz family, and we talked about D&C 4 and missionary work it was a great lesson and after everyone taught of someone they could teach the gospel to or that they said they would introduce them to us to teach them so we are following up this week so cross your figures. and we went to go talk to Magaly Perez but she was working so we talked to her mother and she asked about where we wait to be judges so we semi taught her the Plan of Salvation and by semi I mean from when we die tell when we are judged and go to one of the 3 kingdoms. she liked it a lot and asked us to give her the full lesson on Thursday.
Friday, back to semi full days!! so after we finished weekly planing and all that fun jazz, we headed up to Ojai for dinner after we finished eating we talked with Enrique and his family about creating spiritual goals for the coming year, but they said being from 2 different faiths makes it hard to do that and Enrique said that religion is like a math problem, the catholics have the simple way to get to god and the mormon have the long complex way after he said that Elder Cavazos replied that though the long way we get more blessings, like temple marriage, eternally families, and many more, and like math test the people who do it the long way learn more and are more prepared for the test.
Saturday, so we had a funny lesson for dinner cause a resent convert asked "if god made the universe who made God?" so since we didn't want to go that deep into doctrine we gave them the scripture in 1 NE 13: 22. go read it.
but i have gone way over and we have to go so turn in next time for sunday and this coming week!!!

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