Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 28 -It is last week again!

January 6, 2013

so donde es Elder Mackay va a esta cambio?

and hello so i told you i would tell you about last Sunday so were starting there!

ok well not a lot happened other then President and Sister Castro gave a talk and the missionaries gave the 3rd hour lesson about missionary work it was a great Sunday to be frank with you. President and Sister Castro talked about Mosiah ch. 2, and we talked about "hasting the lords game plan" (pg 33 of this last conference ensign)

Week 5

so i start my second diet even (the first one was to gain weight for football) and ironically this one is to lose weight for missionary work!

so Monday i spend a lot of time throwing out food i was not going to eat and bought 4 things eggs, fruit, yogurt, and water. and some how i survived this week on only those 4 things. i have learned my lesson. but we had 2 lesson that day one we talked to Enrique and he was asking us how we were raised and so we talked about that for a little and we asked him how he raises his kids and he told us and then we discussed it and i happened to have a "for strength of youth for Parents" in my bag so we looked at that for a second and he liked what he saw, it was a interesting lesson. and second we talked to an English speaking man named Jesse and we talked about 3 Ne 11 and how it took 3 times before the people understood the voice from heaven. we then sent a referral to the English missionaries.

Tuesday. HAPPY NEW YEARS. so after District meeting we had a lesson with Julio were we finished talking about the Restoration. he liked it a lot and said he believes that but he doesn't know if god is even there. so we asked to pray about it and if we receives an answer would he get baptized on such and such date, he said i will not on that say yes to a date but if that happens yes i will get baptized.

Wednesday, Jan. 1 2014, weird. so we had one lessons with the Pinedo kids and they told us they have found another church.... turns out there mothers (less active member) boyfriend Corey was been taking them to an Lutheran church. so we talked about it and they liked that church better so we don't know what to do with them.

Thursday. so we had one lesson with and less active members dad, Carlos and he told us that he is scared for him. we didn't tell us why but we shared a scripture with him i forgot to write it down so i don't remember what one it was. but after we shared it he asked for our phone number to call us when his son is home to find him at home.

Friday. after all the fun in our apartment with weekly planning. we had 3 lessons 2 of which on the same street just 3 house down. Spanish work is great! so we talked to Vanessa and with her we talked about Luke 1: 37 and how she can do all things with god. short sweet and straight to the point. and as we were walking down the street we started to talk to a Maria and she had said something about how she has been waiting for her husband to stop smoking and drinking so we looked at each other (Elder Cavazos and I) and shared Romans ch 8 24-25 she then finished her story about how then one day her husband woke up and said he would never smoke or drink again and has lived to those words ever since. and finally we were passing by the Perez family and they were taking down there Christmas lights so we helped them out and then shared a lesson with them before we had out to correlation and then start our exchange with the zone leaders.

Saturday. we had exchanges with the zone leaders and we taught a potential investigator John, and we taught him the Restoration. we asked him what we believes about god and we explained the Trinity by saying GOD send HIS SON, Jesus and when he died that created the Holy Spirit and they are all the same. and we told him what we believe and he responded i take back my statement it doesn't make sense. WOW is all i could even think it was so good. we also talked to a less active Bro Head and we read 2 Ne 4, it was pretty good. and Elder Klienman need to do a baptism interview for someone in Santacoi east of Ventura. it was a great day!

Sunday. well we went to church in Ojai to bear our testimonies and introduce our selves it was pretty good. and then we went to Ventura where they changed to branch presidency. other then that it was a normal Sunday preaching the word

anyways have a great day

-Elder Joshua Mackay



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