Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 29 - 6 more weeks!

January 13, 2014

So I am staying for 6 more weeks well maybe more but I don't know.
!nyways welcome back hope you had a great week.
So nothing happened on Monday other then it was p day. oh and it was the day of the kings!
so Tuesday. Tuesday we had two lessons, one with Jose Gracia and another with Felipe Gonzales. with Jose we just stopped by to see how he was doing and we ended up talking for a little bit cause we haven't seen him in a while and he told us he wants to meet with us but he doesn't have time and so we told him who is really working hard to keep him from us and so on and so forth. and Felipe we meet with them every Tuesday but last couple of weeks couldn't due to the holidays so we stopped by to see how they were doing but his wife was very sick so he didn't let us come in, so we pretty much had the same conversion with Felipe as we did with Jose it was pretty cool.
Wednesday. we meet with the Vera family and talked about Hel 5 :12 and building ourselves on Christ. and then we smashed our fingers under a can (don't try that at home) but because we built on Christ he took the blow and we aren't hurt at all. and we also talked to the Bribiesca family. and we re taught the Restoration and asked them to be Baptized and they said when they find out if it is true then of course they would get baptized! i was so happy that they understood it!
Thursday. we finally caught Horacio off work and at home so we taught him and set some expectations with him and his family and he asked us to come back on Friday at 5 and so ya he is great he has lived a tough life, 2 months ago he was shot and the bullet went in one side and out the other and he live to tell his tale. and many other stories where he is saved from something he will probable get baptized this transfer.
Friday. so we went to see Horacio and he told us that he told his friends about us and that he wasn't going to be home but changed his mind and stayed at home so we talked to him about what he is willing to do if we finds our message true and after we talked to his almost 8 year old son (feb 4th)and asked when we could teach them as a family and they said Tomorrow! they are great! we also taught Marlen she was found by Elder Fernandez but lives in our area so we get to teach her she is prepared for the gospel it was great she asked us were our church was before we could invite her to come! and she is home all day every day.
Saturday. we taught Jaime Sanchez as we had lunch with some resent converts (he has a baptism date for the 26th on jan) and we talked about Mosiah 18 and wanting to get baptized it was a great lesson! we then taught Magaly and we haven't seen her in a while so we just read 3 Ne : 11 and talked about that for awhile and what she would do if she lived in that time. and then we went to Horacio Hernandez house to teach his family and when we got there we just left 5 minutes ago to get some parts for his car so we taught his son and his wife the Restoration and after we finish we invite them to be baptism and they said yes they would but wont commit to a date until they believe the Book of Mormon is true. but all is well is the vineyard.

so Sunday i woke up sick but i didn't want to be so i pretended that i wasn't tell after dinner i told elder Cavazos i need to lie down for 20 minutes and i ended up sleeping for 2 1/2 hours and then admitted i was sick and crawled back into bed to rest. (but i feel a lot better right now so)
anyways that was my week in a nut shell see you next week love you all take care
-Elder Joshua Mackay   


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