Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 26- another week another 1000 miracles

Dec 16, 2013

Hola mi amigos como estan!?
Pues Felix Navidad
esta semana fue muy bien como siempre.
Lunes. during dinner one of Hna Pacheco's friends showed up, she met with the missionaries before but in Carpintera (a town north of Ventura) and we talked to her about the book of mormon because it is only the most important thing about our gospel. We asked her if she had a question and she did and then Elder Cavazos answered it with the Book of Mormon as I was talking to one of the girls who also had a question so we did a Q&A session.
Martes. we had a lesson with the Gonzales family and when we started (felipe) he thought that babies need to get baptized or they live in "limbo" we talked and he didn't say anything and I said "tenia pruguntas" and he said "no tenia pruguntas" and believes that babies don't need baptism. woohoo. and the mother (Carmen) wanted to get baptized! but she doesn't want to go to church alone and felipe can't go tell January. that was Tuesday!
Wednesday. we had 3 people with a baptism date!! so we visited the Vera family or the Pinedo that what the kids last name is and we asked them if they wanted to get baptized and they said yes and we asked them how about we set a goal for the 28th and they said yes!! so we create a plan to prepare them for the 28th. Wednesday was great!

Thursday. was better then Thursday! so we had 3 lessons first was with the Pinedo kids and we showed them "on the way home" a movie released by the church that talks about a family who lost a daughter/sister in a car crash and there family is falling apart and the gospel brings them together. they got baptized in the movie so we wanted to show them how we do that. second was with a man named Eusibio he is dating one of our members for awhile but he doesnt want to feel pressure or take missionary lesson so we shared a Christmas lesson using both the bible and the Book of Mormon and gifts God and Jesus have given us and what we can give them oh it was so good you should have been there. and third with Jose Gracia he didn't have much time so we just talk/gave a condensed version of the Christmas lesson he loved it and asked us to come back Saturday.
Friday. after a good doctor visit and weekly planning Elder Cavazos played the flute for the English wards Christmas party he did pretty good and then got chosen to play for the Christmas zone devo. on Wednesday this week. 

Saturday. so we went back to Jose's house and taught him the Plan of Salvation he like it a lot and after we finished he showed us his church's webpage and showed us the thing that were the same but he said ours made more sense. we then showed and showed him who to research topic using and he said he is going to read some stuff. I'm not sure if that is going to be good or bad. but after that we headed to Ojai they replaced the Spanish elders up there with English ones so we got all the Spanish into our area. so we taught the Torres family all are members but the father oh and the mom and dad aren't married.. but we had a great lesson the spirit was very strong. we set expectations with him and his family it was very very well done i feel.
Sunday. we missed the Pinedo kids at church so we had to drop there date so we went to visit them to talk about it and set them for the 11 of January (they didn't know they had to go to church 3 times before getting baptized). so all is well. we also talked to Maria Carrera she has those vein things in her foot (like my mother) and she is getting them removed (huhh) but we some how remembered that she wanted us to visit her son in Ojai so we stopped by and talked to him he was busy but told us to stop by later. and reported what happened to Maria. so that was Sunday.

so sorry but i forgot my camera at home so pictures next week :( 
but hope you have a great week love you all take care!
-Elder Joshua Mackay

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  1. Glad to hear you're having a great time. Been wondering what you were up to nowadays. Merry Christmas, get in touch when you can!!
    -Matthew Hiemstra (Your SEVEC Twin)