Sunday, June 21, 2015

Paso is going to suck... in the summer!

June 8, 2015

well this summer is going to be hot and dry most of Paso can't water their lawns.

But other then it being hot, it was a great week!

A. Paso Robles is awesome, we have had a hot and rough week, it seems that everyone went to the beach and left us in paso.... we had a great week. We meet a girl named Martha this week she is Fridas sister we gave her a restoration pamphlet and asked her to read it and talked about it and so forth, but we didn't have a book of mormon on us... oops, but the next day we went by to talk to Frida, and she told us that Martha stole her book of mormon to read it... I love people who want to learn the gospel.

We also meet with some peoples mothers and watched a video with for a dinner message and they loved it and one of them came to church on sunday and it was awesome, now we just have to get the other one to come too and bring her less active daughter to come back to church! it would be awesome!

We also were able to meet up with the Villa family and read out of the Book of Mormon with then it was 2 awesome lessons and it worked out great! We talked about the Son of Helamen or the 2000 stripling warriors it was great but they didn't make it to church.

Then Friday Elder Jones desided to go to Oxnard with the other district leaders in the zone and left me with Elder Comin and Elder Peterson and boy was that fun we helped a member move into a house and an investigator move out of a different house it was a lot of fun!

C. Elder Jones is awesome, he is doing his best to be his very best and it has been a journey up here some times with this district but it has been awesome to see it happen.

T. well this week it was HOT long day every day and in the morning I hated the idea of getting out of bed because i knew what was going to come, 90+ it was awful but every day around 3 I felt a new source of energy and it was hard to stay out and work everyday but I am glad that I did it cause that "faith energy" is better then anything I have ever felt.

S. Well this week we sorted the bread at the food bank and for some reason I couldn't eat bread for a day afterwards.... ok it was only until dinner.

yep so the new district is Elder Jones, Elder Magoon, Elder Payne, Elder Rosenlof, Elder Wiate.
theres a picture.

well see you soon I only have 12 p-days left so I gotta make them count!!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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