Sunday, January 18, 2015

Well a lot of pain means a lot of gain right?

Jan 12, 2015
Hello so some of you might be wondering why I choose the subject well I crashed hard this week on my bike.
Someone thought it would be cool to put there trash can on the corner a little further out the normal and after coming around the corner it start to "trash talk" me so I hit it..... hard and did a flip into the road (still on my bike) and landed on my feet and walked away with a ton of blood in my hand....... but other then that my bike is in perfect condiction!!!
But other then that this was a great week!
A. oxnard is awesome as ever this week we had a couple great lessons with Julliette to get her to go to the temple on saturday, and all was looking well until she didn't get interveiwed with everyone else who was going but never fear the ward had 3 baptisms this week so the bishop was at church all week end pretty much so she got her interview the night before they left. and she went and had a great time!
This week we talked to Paco and turns out someone (a member of an english ward) gave him the 12 step booklet to stop addictions, so he is doing very good on his goal to quit drinking he has cut back a ton and gives his wife all the money so he can't buy it himself!
So this week Elder Sorenson asked Elder Hernandez and I to prepare an edpep about help investigators feel and recongize the spirit so we taught a couple lesson with our investigator on feeling and recongizing the spirit, one of the good ones was with Jesus, he is a teenager really cool kid who want to do what is right and still have a good time. we asked what the holy ghost is to him and he shared an experince of it telling him to kick his feet so he swims and wouldn't drown, he didn't know how to swim. it was an awesome lesson he talked about what happened and why and it was very powerful.
C. Elder Hernandez is great what more can I say. but after he has had 6 transfers in oxnard he wants out...
T. This week I had a member ask to help with family history because he has never done reseach in Canada so I let him take a swing at my dads line, Mackay and he found a ton of stuff and it was really cool to me is that he didn't look to hard and he found a ton of info, it really just told me that God is in charge and got my excited to do my own family history work when I return home.
S. This week we weeded someones yard that hadn't been touched since their sons who are going on a mission  were little kids in diapers. it was fun.!
yep fun fun fun!
Love you all thanks for everything, remember keep your cans close to the curb!
sorry out of time bloodly hand pictures for next week!
-Elder Joshua Mackay!

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  1. Why does he keep talking about me. I have no problem with it tho