Sunday, March 15, 2015

Well it is time for the 6 months to Skinny

Well yesterday I realized that I only have 6 months left..... and I almost lit my pants on fire in an outrage but I didnt... 

So it is transfers and I am staying and Elder Berg is coming to be with me for the next 6 weeks or more.

But this is how my week went!

A. Newbury Park is crazy nice the people here are awesome, they love the missionaries this week Elder Passey is leaving after 6 months here and the people are just offering their homes for when he comes back with his family I think he got 5 homes that said there door is open for them and that was cool.

This week we talked to a new investigator. "New" to me but 'old' to Elder Passey. We were able to teach her a little bit this week and it was awesome! She doesn't seem to interested though but she can talk, and talk, and talk and keep talking she keep a conversation going and she was the only person to say anything for 10 minutes at least it was awesome!! 

What else happened this week.... oh so this week we were heading over to Angels and I saw a car, a car I have seen before but I couldn't put my finger on it and so we went to the door and knocked and Ali from Fillmore opened it and it was cool to see him again, I used to teach him in Fillmore and he came to visit Angel (for car parts) it was pretty cool. Turns out his mom is doing a lot better, she went into a small depression, it was sad to see, but she is finished with that. So were talking to Ali and he told us that he came to visit his friend Henry Diaz who just got back from NYC where is served his mission. It really is a small world after all.

C. Well Elder Passey is leaving me and I learned a lot with him and he well be great in Paso and he better finish strong!

T. This week I was reminded through my studies about things that happened that by small and simple things great thing come to past. It was awesome to see by the little thing we do the big change it causes in others.

S. I finally got to do some yard work this week and normally I hate wearing jeans but this week it felt so good!!

It was so awesome that I was to busy to take a picture so no pictures this week! but next week for sure!

have a good week love you long time!
-elder joshua mackay

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